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LECTURE 11 基本动词 COME 3






LECTURE 11 基本动词 COME 3


1. come from far and wide **来自各地

解 习语;词义溯源:[从远方(from far and wide)]而来

例 Muslims have an obligation to journey to Mecca at least once in their life. Every year, during the “Haj”, millions of worshipers come from far and wide to Saudi Arabia. The mass migration is supported by an equally large number of travel, tour and hotel businesses which earn 90% of their annual sales in a one-month period around the Haj.

2. come hell or high water **无论如何,不论有什么阻碍

解 〈口〉习语;词义溯源:[地狱(hell)]或[高水位、高潮(high water)]降临

例 The constitution guarantees religious freedom, so I don't care what your high-powered lawyers say. Animal sacrifices have been a part of our religious ceremonies for over a thousand years and we're not going to stop them now, come hell or high water.

3. come home to roost / come home **得到报应,自食其果

解 习语;词义溯源:回到[老巢(home)][栖息(roost)]

例 Why should we feel sympathy for the old bastard? He made his fortune by destroying the careers and businesses of others. If he's in financial trouble now, it's just his own misdeeds coming home to roost. Let him experience the suffering he caused so many of our colleagues.

4. come 〔arrive〕 in a body **成群结队抵达,一起来

解 习语;词义溯源:[形成(in)][集体(body)]而来;in a body表示“集体,整体”

例 Coming in a body might be better than just sending a few representatives to their headquarters. I think it would impress upon them just how great our membership is and how strong our solidarity is.

5. come in handy **有用处

解 〈口〉习语;词义溯源:以[简便的、触手可及的(handy)]形式到来

例 Have you ever looked into May's handbag? She keeps everything imaginable in there—paper clips, a shoe shining towel, house slippers—even a toothbrush!Her explanation for every item is, “You never know when it might come in handy. ”


(A) come from far and wide

(B) Come hell or high water

(C) coming home to roost

(D) come in a body

(E) come in handy

1. A: If the delegation were to ______ to the restaurant, we'd be overwhelmed. Please send them in smaller groups. B: Okay then, we'll make sure they don't all come at the same time. How about fifty people at a time? Would that be okay?

2. A: Don't you think an automatic gate opener would be convenient? B: Oh yes, very useful. It would really ______ when it's raining outside. We wouldn't have to get out of the car to open the gate ourselves. A: Okay then, I'll buy this one that's advertised here in the paper for $89. 99.

3. A: The range of foods you serve here is remarkable. You've got foods from so many different places that I can't decide which to try. B: Well, thank you. Yes, our menu comprises foods that ______. We import everything fresh just for our hotel guests.

4. A: His exact words were: “______, I'm not going. ” So, if you want, you go talk to him B: That's what he said? Well, we'll see if he remains that determined to disobey the court order when the police deputies show up at his house.

5. A: The bad things you do to others will eventually happen to you in return. It's sort of God's natural retribution. B: I don't believe that bullshit about one's actions ______. Besides, I think I'm smart enough to avoid it anyway.


1. (D)

2. (E)

3. (A)

4. (B)

5. (C)


I. 1. 每个穆斯林一生中必须至少去一次麦加。每年,在“麦加朝圣”期间,来自各地的数百万朝圣者聚集到沙特阿拉伯。大量的人口流动同样会带来旅游观光和酒店消费,麦加朝圣的一个月内,旅游和酒店的营业额约占每年年度营业额的90%。

2. 宪法保护宗教自由,所以我不管你们那些权威律师怎么说。数千年来,动物牺牲一直是我们宗教仪式的一部分,无论如何,我们现在都不会停止。

3. 我们为什么要可怜那个老混蛋?他破坏别人的事业、搞砸别人的业务而使自己发财。如果他现在有了财务问题,那都是他作恶的报应。让他自己也尝尝给我们这些同事曾经带来的痛苦。

4. 全体都去或许要比只派几个代表去他们总部要好。我想这会使他们对我们会员众多和团结印象深刻。

5. 你有没有仔细看过梅的包?她把所有能想到的东西都放在里面——曲别针、擦鞋布、室内拖鞋等——甚至还有牙刷!她对这些物品的解释是:“不知道什么时候就能用得上。”

II. 1. A:如果代表团全体都来餐厅,我们会招架不住的。请让他们分批来。B:好的。我们保证他们不会同时来的。一次50人怎么样?可以吗?

2. A:你不觉得自动门非常方便吗?B:是的。非常有用。外面下雨的时候可以派上用场。我们不用下车去自己开门。A:好的,那我就买在报纸上做广告的那款89. 99美元的。

3. A:你们这儿的菜品种类真是多,来自那么多不同的地方,我都没法决定该吃哪道菜了。B:谢谢您。是的,我们菜单上的食品来自各个地方。顾客在我们酒店享受到的是专门从国外进口的新鲜材料。

4. A:他的原话是:“无论如何,我都不会去。”所以,如果你愿意的话,你去跟他谈谈吧。B:他是那么说的吗?那我们就走着瞧,看看警察到他家的时候,他还能不能依然那么坚决地违反法院的命令。

5. A:你对别人做过的那些坏事最终会反过来在你身上发生。这就是上天的报应。B:我才不信人做事会遭报应这种鬼话。而且,我那么聪明,什么都躲得过。

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