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LECTURE 13 基本动词 COME 5






LECTURE 13 基本动词 COME 5


1. come on ***[祈使句]快点;拜托,请;得了吧;做出某种样子;给人某种印象

解 〈口〉短语动词;词义溯源:来到[强调的、指定的方向(on)]

例 Oh come on! How could you possibly have been in New York at 9:00 AM and then in Los Angeles two hours later? Do you think I'm stupid enough to believe that? I'm getting tired of your bullshit. If you don't want to cooperate, I'll make sure you go to jail for a long time.

2. come out ahead **最终获利;改善(处境)

解 习语;词义溯源:结果变成[领先的、向前的(ahead)]状态

例 So, after five years of trying to make the business successful, I finally sold all the land and equipment. After paying the creditors, I came out $42. 35 ahead. My wife and I went to dinner and spent our “profit”!

3. come out in the wash **得以解决;真相大白

解 〈口〉习语;词义溯源:[洗(wash)]后显现出本色

例 At this point I'm just hanging on to the hope that this will all come out in the wash somehow and we'll get back to a normal life again. Maybe I'm hoping for too much, but hope is all I've got now—I've done all I can do.

4. come out of one's shell **不再羞怯沉默,开始与人交往;开始与人交谈

解 习语;词义溯源:打破[外壳、矜持(shell)]显现

例 Iwouldn't worry too much about Yang Su's shyness. He'll come out of his shell once he discovers girls; then you'll wish he weren't so sociable!

5. come out of the closet **公开秘密;承认自己是同性恋

解 习语;词义溯源:从[壁橱、密室、隧道(closet)]显现

例 Why doesn't he just come out of the closet? As long as he keeps trying to keep his alcoholism a secret, he'll never be cured. He's got to admit it before anyone can help him. Maybe I'll talk to him about it and see if I can get him to talk about it.


(A) Come on

(B) coming out ahead

(C) come out in the wash

(D) come out of your shell

(E) came out of the closet

1. A: Do you really think you can make a profit on the land sale? The real estate market is really depressed these days. B: I'm not concerned so much about ______ on this deal. The land has been a lot of trouble for me. So if I can just break even , I'll be happy. Even a small loss wouldn't be bad.

2. A: You shouldn't let this legal dispute worry you so much. We've done nothing wrong, so I'm confident everything will ______. B: I wish I could share your optimism, but I really don't think this is going to end in a good way. There's just too much antagonism between us.

3. A: My God, Tom. You have got to ______ if you ever hope to meet a girl and get married. You didn't say a word to Susan. She was waiting for you to say something—she really was! She's interested in you. B: Yeah, I know what you mean. I've tried being more sociable, but I'm just not very good at it—especially with girls. I want to say something, but the words just get stuck in my mouth.

4. A: Did you see the Brent Westwood interview yesterday on the “Larry King Show”? He revealed his secret life—he's a NazI. B: No, but I'm not surprised. Everybody already thought he was. It's about time he ______ and stopped hiding it.

5. A: ______ Mary! We're going to be late because of you. If we miss the bus, we'll never make it to the mountain before it gets crowded. B: Hey, if you want me to hurry, you could help me finish this housework. Otherwise, you'll just have to be patient and wait.


1. (B)

2. (C)

3. (D)

4. (E)

5. (A)


I. 1. 得了吧!你怎么可能上午九点还在纽约,两个小时之后就到洛杉矶了?你觉得我会傻到相信你的话吗?我已经受够了你的废话。如果你不合作的话,我保证你会在监狱里待很长时间。

2. 五年里,我努力使生意成功,最终我把土地和设备都卖了。还完债之后,赚了42. 35美元。我妻子和我去吃了一顿饭,把我们的“利润”都花完了!

3. 这一刻,我只能希望一切都能好起来,我们的生活能够恢复正常。可能我的期望太高,但是我现在只有希望——我已经尽全力了。

4. 我不太担心杨苏会胆怯。只要看到女孩,他就不会再害羞;到时候,你就希望他不要太好交际了!

5. 他为什么不说出那个秘密呢?如果对酗酒的问题他总是试图保密,他的毛病永远治不好。只有他向大家承认,别人才能帮助他。或许我该跟他谈谈,看看能不能让他说出这件事。

II. 1. A:你真的认为卖那块地能盈利吗?最近房地产市场非常低迷。B:我根本不在意这笔交易能不能盈利。这块地一直是我的一个大麻烦。所以,只要能够持平,我就很高兴了。就算是有点小损失也不是很糟糕。

2. A:你不应该太担心这一法律争议。我们没做错任何事,所以我相信一切都会得到圆满解决的。B:真希望我能跟你一样乐观,但是我并不认为这事会有好结果。我们之间的敌对情绪太严重了。

3. A:天哪,汤姆。如果你希望能够找到一个女孩,并且跟她结婚,那么你就不能太害羞。你根本都没跟苏珊说一句话。她在等着你说话——真的!她对你很感兴趣。B:是,我明白你的意思。我努力变得更加善于交际。但是,我就是做不好——尤其是跟女孩子打交道。我想说点什么,但是总是说不出口。

4. A:你昨天有没有看 《拉里·金脱口秀》 里面关于布伦特·韦斯特伍德的访谈?他披露了自己一生的秘密——他是个纳粹分子。B:没看,不过我对此一点都不吃惊。大家早都认为他是了。他也是时候说出这个秘密,不再隐瞒了。

5. A:快点,玛丽!因为你,我们都要迟了。如果赶不上公共汽车,我们就不能趁人不多的时候上山了。B:嘿,你要是想让我快点,那就帮我干家务。否则,你就得耐心等着。

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